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Fresh Springs Retreats

Wendy Lyons

Ever since my first retreat experience many years ago, I have been drawn to the richness of silence.  Although the idea of remaining silent for several hours is not immediately attractive to everyone, I have found that even those who are somewhat apprehensive about the quiet, discover that silence, punctuated by brief periods of worship and evocative meditations by the leader on some spiritual theme, is a more comfortable context for prayer and personal reflection than they had imagined.  They experience the truth in Mother Theresa’s words, “God is the friend of silence,” and are drawn by the Holy Spirit into a deeper awareness of God’s abiding presence, and a deeper understanding of what it might mean to cultivate a relationship with God.

After I retired from a career in medicine, I began leading quiet days myself, and last summer I benefited from the extensive experience of the Rev. Barbara Crafton when I attended her course on leading retreats, at General Theological Seminary. I am also a spiritual director, trained in the two year internship program at Mercy Center in Madison, CT,  and a Eucharistic Visitor active in pastoral care at HolyTrinity Church in Enfield.

A quiet day may be as short as a few hours, or as long as six or seven, and is a wonderful vehicle for introducing participants to the gifts God has to offer when we take the time to be still.  Once a group has enjoyed a quiet day or two, they may wish to plan a weekend retreat.

I am prepared to lead quiet days or weekend retreats anywhere in the Diocese, working with parish leaders to determine the best format for those most likely to attend.  Where space allows, I have a ‘portable’ labyrinth which can be used indoors or out.  This is especially helpful for those whose inner stillness is enhanced by movement.  

Please contact me at wenvirly@aol.com

VT stream

'As the deer longs for running streams,  So longs my soul for you, O God.'